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Ambassador Feature: Morgan I.

Benjamin’s Story

Morgan was admitted to the hospital with preeclampsia and on mandatory best rest for 30 days before Benjamin made his arrival. Born at 33 weeks 2 days via c-section, Benjamin weighed 4 lbs 14 oz. Because he was premature, Benjamin was quickly intubated and admitted to the NICU. From the beginning, nurses described little Benjamin as feisty. It wasn’t uncommon for him to arch his back and wiggle his way out of their perfectly-wrapped swaddles.

An Opportunity to Bless Others

Through Benjamin’s 4-week stay in the NICU, Morgan and her husband were blessed with an outpouring of support they received from their family and friends. Now a member of our online, Christ-centered Facebook communities and an advocate of the support we provide, Morgan adds, “I wish I would have had the Praying Through community to lean on as well.” When she learned of the Praying Through Ambassador opportunities, Morgan jumped at the chance. “I knew I wanted others to have the opportunity to be loved on by this group of people,” she said. Morgan also added, “I am so blessed to have come through the NICU, that I just want to spread the hope that is Jesus to the aching hearts of families journeying through the NICU.”

Even though they have since moved states away from their home NICU, Morgan decided to bless St. John Ascension Hospital in Detroit, Michigan through her participation in the Praying Through Ambassador program. Through a book drive, Morgan’s friends and family purchased 25 copies of the book “Don’t Forget to Remember” by Ellie Holcomb from her Amazon Wish List. “I was so overwhelmed by the response we received. To have our book drive fully funded in 3 hours was incredible and very much in step with the amazing support system we have been blessed with.” Each donated book was matched with an encouraging note from Praying Through ministries, a gift tag in celebration of Benjamin, and a sticker of Biblical hope and encouragement.

The Blessing in being a Blessing

As Morgan penned some of the notes and adorned the books with ribbons and tags, she prayed a beautiful, heartfelt prayer. “God, I pray You would use these gifts to bring families to You. I pray You would use the hardships they are facing for their good and for Your glory.”

And while Morgan prayed for others, the Lord seemed to bless her as she delivered the outreach. Morgan shared she felt a sense of relief delivering the gifts to the NICU. “It almost felt like a burden being lifted. I wasn't returning to the same NICU, but I felt like I was able to see the NICU as a place of healing in a way that I never had before.”

Would you like to honor a child who has passed or celebrate a NICU or PICU graduate through our Ambassador Outreach Program? We would be honored to link arms with you as you deliver the hope of Christ to families at your local hospital or OB office. Visit our Ambassador page for more details.

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