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Our Mission

PRAYING THROUGH ministries, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), exists to deliver the hope of the gospel to families navigating the dark seasons of childhood illness, childhood hospitalizations, and/or child loss through tangible faith-based resources, ongoing support, and fervent prayer.

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A Message from the Founder

The hardships we experienced with our son, birthed in me a heart of gratitude and compassion.


Our 37-day NICU stay, our close call with loss that resulted in a 3-day PICU stay—it all served a greater purpose.  When God walked me through each one of those fires, He was preparing my heart for this ministry.


And once He spoke the words, “Create a community centered around me, one in which they pray through,” I could no longer sit idle. I could no longer standby doing nothing when I knew there were countless men, women, and children journeying through difficult seasons that were in need of Biblical support and encouragement.  I could no longer just scroll social media when I knew I could be praying and standing in the gap for families. God put a new song in my heart to pray for and encourage those walking through CHILDHOOD ILLNESS, HOSPITALIZATIONS, and through CHILD LOSS and so PRAYING THROUGH ministries was born.

I pray that wherever you find yourself in this season of life--whether it is on the mountain top or in the valley, that you'll be encouraged by this PRAYING THROUGH ministries and how God is moving through it.  I pray that this ministry stirs something in your heart to get involved--whether that is personally getting plugged into a group or in supporting us as we deliver gospel hope to families in dark seasons.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Volunteers

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