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Donate/Sponsor a Family

PRAYING THROUGH ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that equips and emboldens men, women, and children with Biblical Truth and encouragement as they navigate the difficult seasons of Childhood Illness, Hospitalizations, and Child Loss.  


Fully funded by the generous donations of others, we rely on families like you to shine light into the dark seasons of the families we serve with your financial donations.  Will you sponsor a family navigating Childhood Illness, Hospitalizations, or Child Loss?


In a year, a recurring $20 monthly donation sponsors* 1 family journeying through one of these difficult seasons while a recurring $100 monthly donation sponsors* 5 families.


*Sponsorship includes the shipping of personalized care packages of hand-picked devotionals and books,  specially-designed stickers, prayer cards, materials and more. Families journeying through childhood illness and hospitalizations receive 3 care packages over a 6-month period while families navigating grief receive 5 care packages over a 12-month period.

Make a paypal donation to Praying Through ministries

Make a Paypal Financial Donation

Our ministry runs solely off the generous financial donations of others. We serve upwards of 300 families a year. Not sure how much to give?


Consider sponsoring

-1 family/year with a $20 recurring monthly donation 

-3 families/year with a $50 recurring monthly donation

-5 families/year with a $100 recurring monthly donation.

Donate books from Praying Through ministries' Amazon Wish List

Donate Items From Our
amazon Wish List

Our ministry would be blessed to receive any of the ministry outreach staples listed on our Amazon Wish Lists. When you purchase items from our Child Loss Wish List you can choose to have them shipped directly to our vice president Valerie Rodriguez. Or if you purchase items from our NICU/Hospitalizations Wish List you can choose to have them shipped directly to our president and founder, Jessika Sanders. These items will be used in the care packages.

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