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Ambassador Feature: Cait

Peyton's Story

In December 2021, 11-year-old Peyton tested positive for COVID. Four days later she was admitted to the PICU and placed on a ventilator. Originally diagnosed with COVID pneumonia, Peyton’s condition worsened, leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome and later to lung failure. X-rays revealed little to no working lung tissue, and given that the slightest touch would cause Peyton’s stats to drop, doctors gave Cait and her husband little to no hope and simply instructed them to pray. But after a 30-day stay in the PICU, Peyton made an incredible recovery only requiring outpatient therapy.

The Father's Love

Grateful for how the Lord carried them through their 30-day PICU stay, Cait and her daughter applied for the Praying Through Ambassador Program to celebrate the miraculous healing Peyton experienced. “While we journeyed through the PICU, the love of Jesus poured out from the kindness of others. We pray our outreach will help families at Women and Children’s in Charleston, West Virginia to feel the love of their Father,” said Cait.

Through a book drive, Cait’s friends and family purchased 8 copies of the book “It Will Be Okay” by Lysa TerKeurst. “The immediate response to the book drive was humbling. Before I could even create an Amazon Wish List the books were already spoken for,” shared Cait. Each donated book was matched with an encouraging note from Praying Through ministries, a gift tag in celebration of Peyton, and a sticker of Biblical hope and encouragement.

When asked about the experience of preparing the outreach, Cait replied, “My heart was filled with overwhelming gratitude. Tears poured from my eyes as I wrote Peyton’s name on each gift card. Months before I had started to prepare my heart for what life would be like with her in heaven, but here she was sitting beside me–healed.”

For the Good of Those Who Love Him

Previously, each time Cait pushed the button for the fourth floor her heart filled with anxiety. This time was different. With her daughter by her side, Cait pushed the floor for the PICU and praised God. When she and Peyton pressed the nurse call button, Cait shared “They ran through the doors! There were tears of gratitude and embraces of pure joy! Nurses that had been my shoulder to cry on through grief were now the same shoulders sharing in this glorious day!”

When asked how this experience blessed her, Cait boldly shared, “God promises to use our trials for good and this outreach was fulfillment of that promise in my life. He has used our PICU journey to grow my faith and pull me ever so close to Him, to give me perspective on being grateful even in suffering, to open the doors for me to serve in Praying Through ministries, and to perform a miracle through my daughter which brought my husband to salvation!”

Would you like to honor a child who has passed or celebrate a NICU or PICU graduate through our Ambassador Outreach Program? We would be honored to link arms with you as you deliver the hope of Christ to families at your local hospital or OB office. Visit our Ambassador page for more details.

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