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We believe God equips the called. We believe He has given each of us giftings and talents that can be used for His good and His glory. 


Praying Through ministries is always looking for extra hands to help us carry out our mission of equipping and emboldening men, women, and children with Biblical Truth and encouragement as they journey through the difficult seasons of the NICU, PICU, and Child Loss.

Take a look at some of our current needs and please accept our invitation to apply using the form below.

Men's Ministry Director(s),
Women's Ministry Director(s)

Male and female leaders who are passionate about speaking Biblical encouragement into the lives of those journeying through similar experiences of the NICU or loss. Requires 6 days of active participation in our Facebook community.

Community Managers (1)

One man or woman who loves creating and maintaining community. These individuals would be responsible for scheduling the posts in our coed community and engaging with group members in a leadership role. 

Social Media Team (2)

1 or 2 individuals who love social media and making Instagram reels.

Grief Companions

Men and women who have experienced loss and feel called to encourage and support others with Biblical Truth and prayer. Requires a few minutes a day of active participation in our Facebook community 6 days a week.

Fundraising/Events Team

Organized men and women who have experience coordinating the details surrounding the planning, promoting, and executing of virtual events and fundraisers varying in scale.

Podcast Team

A team of individuals with podcast experience who would enjoy planning, scheduling, light editing, and promoting episodes.

Prayer Team Members

Men and women who enjoying praying and interceding for others. Requires a few minutes a day of active participation in our Facebook community 6 days a week.

Board Treasurer

An organized, self-motivated individual with a background in finance or bookkeeping, maintains records, oversees donations and budgeting. 

Blog Team
Members & Editors

Men and women who are strong writers and exhibit great attention to detail. Individuals who are self-starters, work well independently and within deadlines, and produce quality work.

Writers (2)

Men and women who are passionate about the Word of God and using it to equip, embolden, and encourage others journeying through difficult seasons. Although he/she may not be a published writer, this individual writes well with a good command of the craft. Projects might include: writing prayers, newsletters, structured blog posts.

Board Secretary

An organized , self-motivated male or female who is able to attend  and record minutes for 2 virtual board meetings each month, maintains records, sends board/volunteer communications.

Prayer Team Director (1)

An individual who not only enjoys faithfully praying and interceding for others, but also enjoys organizing prayer requests, notifying our prayer team/communities, and following up with families for updates.


Thank you for your interest in our ministry.
Please thoughtfully respond to the questions below.

For which position are you applying?

Thank you for applying to be a member of our team! Due to the number of responses we receive, we will contact you should we wish to move forward with your application.

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