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There are Going to Be Storms

By: Eda Berkay

I was shocked. I was standing in my living room on Thursday morning, getting the most surprising news ever. “Your brother is back in the hospital.” I stood there, dumbfounded, not believing for a second what I was just told. But then my dad confirmed it. My brother was sick. Again.

I thought it was impossible that the same thing could happen. I thought my baby brother was safe from the hospital with its hundreds of beds and whispers and tears.

But no. My brother had never been completely and fully safe from another hospital stay. But really, none of us are completely shielded from life's many troubles.

From the moment Eve bit the apple, sin, sadness, and death came flooding into this world. On Earth, you can never let your guard down. The enemy is always on the prowl, like a hungry lion looking for its dinner. All the time, the enemy is throwing distractions and trials our way, looking to weaken us. But we need to keep our eyes on Jesus, our Overcomer.

Friend, you may be experiencing something similar right now. I encourage you to remember John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! For I have overcome the world.”

Jesus has overcome death, sadness, and sin. Because He has overcome these things, we will live forever in Heaven where there is no death or sadness. So it isn’t that we experience one storm and then the rest of life is all rainbows. The storms will come, but we can be prepared for them with Jesus by our side.

Eda is a 9-year-old book nerd and part of a blended family consisting of her mom, dad, bonus dad, and two younger siblings Esma (5) and NICU/PICU Grad Ezra (2). She loves reading, drawing, and writing book reviews. Her mom is the founder and president of Praying Through ministries and from time to time Eda participates in the details and delivery of local outreach. You can follow her at @Edathebooknerd on Instagram.

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