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A Prayer to Relinquish Control

By: Chelsea Fuentes

Heavenly Father,

We lift up those of us struggling with letting down the walls of self-protective strategies and those of us trying to take control. Lord, we know these strategies have kept us safe in the past. We know they were developed for our protection. And we also know they are now coming in between our trust in You, God.

We are scared and unsure how to live in the moment when the past is reminding us it is too painful to trust and the future is uncertain. We pray that You break down the walls of fear, God.

We KNOW You are faithful.

We KNOW You are good.

We KNOW You are in control,

and we KNOW You have a plan.

Now, Father God, help us to truly BELIEVE it.

Help us to feel it to the core of our spirit. This life is heavy. So, so heavy. It weighs down so hard on our hearts. And yet, You know exactly what we are going through. Nothing takes You by surprise.

Help us to lay our worries at Your feet today, God. We know Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. And we are not alone. Open our eyes to all of the ways You are coming to our defense, and all of the ways You have shielded us and our families with Your protection in the past.

Help us to be present so that we can be a part of what You’re doing today in our lives. Moment by moment. We know You are alive and working on our behalf.

Thank You for Your endless mercy and grace.

Thank You for being a God we can put our faith in.


Chelsea is mama to two beautiful daughters, one born at 29+0 weeks who had a 61 day NICU stay. She resides in Orange County, CA with her husband where they run their therapy practice. They are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists specializing in couples therapy, the transition to parenthood, maternal mental health, and men’s issues.

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