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The Prayer of My Broken Heart

By: Liz Newman


I come before you today broken-hearted and weary.

Alone and afraid, I weep in this valley,

And I need to feel you near me.

The pain darkens my eyes.

The grief weighs me down

With the heaviness of loss

I’m much too weak to carry on my own.

Yet, I know that you draw near

To the broken-hearted,

That you save the crushed in spirit.

That even here, you see me

And you weep with me and walk beside me.

Lord, hold on to me here

And guard my fragile heart.

Fill me with your peace and make

Your presence my refuge and safety.

Lord, I know that loving greatly

Leads to grieving greatly.

Please, stay beside me

In this grieving process.

Help me lament over

The brokenness of this world,

For we know it’s not supposed to be this way.

But help me also grieve with hope,

Knowing that you have overcome death

And that we have an Eternal Home

And joyful reunion awaiting us and our loved ones.

For you are somehow here with me

And there with my loved one

All at once,

And that thought encourages me

As I wait for all things to be made new.

Lord, when I don’t know

What to do, my eyes are on you.

In the days ahead, Lord,

Help me honor the person I’ve lost.

Help me find comfort knowing

That you are with me

As I process and

That even when I fall or falter

You pick me up and set my feet

On the steady ground of your grace.

I pray this in your Heavenly Name,


Liz Newman is a poet and a blogger who writes primarily on faith, life, and grief. Her latest book, “I Look to the Mourning Sky”, seeks to walk alongside other hurting hearts in their grief journeys.

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