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Recommended Resource: You Are Still A Mother

Updated: Apr 18

You Are Still a Mother by Jackie Gibson

You Are Still A Mother: Hope for Women Grieving A Stillbirth or Miscarriage

By: Jackie Gibson

In You Are Still a Mother, Jackie Gibson meets mothers in their grief as she authentically shares the sorrow and struggles of experiencing the stillbirth of her daughter, Leila. With a true gift for encouragement and a depth of knowledge of the scriptures, Jackie providers readers with hope they can cling to. Readers are likely to have countless pages dog-earred for easy reference to beautiful quotes from famous theologians and hymn writers.

Who it is for

The recommended audience for You Are Still a Mother is mothers grieving a stillbirth or miscarriage, though mothers who have experienced infant loss would be comforted by this book as well. Jackie's words also greatly minister to friends and family, helping them to cultivate hearts of compassion and better support their grieving friend or family member.

What we love

When grieving one often doesn't have the mental capacity to focus and attend to tasks. Just 80 pages in length, You are Still a Mother is a quick read with easy-to-digest chapters making it an especially relevant resource to those finding themselves in the throes of grief.

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Jackie Gibson author

Jackie Gibson, MA, is from Sydney, Australia but currently resides near Philadelphia, PA. She is married to Jonny, and they have four children, one of whom lives with God in heaven. She serves alongside her husband at Westminster Theological Seminary and is grateful to be able to be home with her two youngest kids. If she had a day off, she’d probably try to find the nearest beach, her favorite place this side of heaven. Jackie is the author of You Are Still a Mother.


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