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Recommended Resource: God, I Feel Scared

God, I Feel Scared resource

God, I Feel Scared

By: Michelle Nietert, LPC-S

and Tama Fortner

God, I Feel Scared addresses the big emotion of fear and the various ways the emotion can impact children’s bodies and minds. The book also touches on how children can face the fear of being scared head on and how Jesus will be there for us in these moments.

Who it is for

The recommended audience for the resource, God, I Feel Scared is early-elementary-aged children who are experiencing fear either through navigating illness or hospitalization firsthand or secondhand through a sibling.

What we love

We love how the authors Nietert and Fortner acknowledge fear as both a normal and significant emotion. We also appreciate how they remind little readers that Jesus is bigger than anything we encounter and He is faithful to guide us through any situation. The healthy and unique ways for children to cope with the big feeling of being scared that are presented in  God, I Feel Scared are invaluable.

Purchase a copy of God, I Feel Scared here.

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