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Recommended Resource: God, I Feel Sad

God, I Feel Sad

God, I Feel Sad

By: Michelle Nietert, LPC-S

and Tama Fortner

God, I Feel Sad addresses the big emotions kids can experience. It provides various situations in which a child may face big feelings of sadness and provides the reader with healthy ways children can work through them. Most importantly, this resource does a wonderful job of reminding our children that God is there for us during every emotion we experience and that we can always turn to Him.

Who it is for

The recommended audience for the resource, God, I Feel Sad is early-elementary-aged children who are experiencing sadness either through navigating illness or hospitalization of a sibling (or themselves) or sadness that comes with the grief of losing a sibling.

What we love

We love how the God, I Feel Sad resource clearly outlines practical ways for children to cope with the emotion of feeling sad. We also appreciate how as a licensed professional counselor, author Michelle Nietert normalizes emotions. Big emotions are something that all people feel. She and co-author Tama Fortner remind children that God wants us to feel our feelings but to have hope He will help us through our hardships. Finally, we love that this resource teaches children not only about big emotions, but our big God!

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