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When God Made Me a Mother

Updated: May 10

By: Jessika Sanders

Mother and child bond

This Mother’s Day I find myself lost in reflection.

Of all the women in the world,

God chose me to be your mother.

And when He chose me to be your mother,

He gave me so much more than a baby.

He gave me blessings that would last a lifetime.

He gave me

The blessing of hugging you,

The blessing of kissing you.

The privilege of holding you,

The privilege of consoling you.

The honor of protecting you,

The honor of advocating for you.

He gave me

The task of leading you.

The task of teaching you.

The challenge in shaping you,

The challenge in correcting you.

The gift of watching you grow,

The gift of watching you step into your own.

He gave me

The treasure of knowing you,

The treasure of loving you.

The joy of celebrating you.

The joy of being your biggest fan.

The opportunity to make a difference in your life,

The opportunity to point you to Him.

Oh, how I see things so clearly now.

God gave me purpose,

God gave me reason,

God gave me blessing upon blessing

When He gave me you,

When God made me a mother.

Mother quote by Jessika Sanders writer

On behalf of Praying Through ministries, we wish you a very special Mother’s Day. We pray you feel the enormity of your worth and purpose as a woman and a mother.

Jessika Sanders writer author

Jessika Sanders is a published writer who has been featured in Proverbs 31 Ministries’Hope When Your Heart is Heavy devotional (2021), Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. magazine (2023), and Tyndale’s So God Made a Mother (2023). She is also the co-author of The Good Book Company's In His Hands: Prayers for Your Child or Baby in a Medical Crisis (July 2024). You can also find her work here on the Praying Through blog and on her blog Jessika Sanders, Writer. Jessika is also the founder and acting Executive Director of Praying Through ministries.

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