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When a Nurse is Perfectly Placed by God | Nurse Appreciation Week '24

Updated: May 9

Meet Elle, a Labor and Delivery Nurse
Meet Elle, a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Ellie's Journey Through Suffering

Ellie was pregnant with her third child and was both excited and impatient to learn the baby’s gender. But when routine blood work resulted in a phone call from the doctor’s office, Ellie was on high alert. The doctor shared that the blood work indicated their daughter was high risk for Trisomy 18 and that they would need to make an appointment with maternal fetal medicine for an ultrasound.

At the ultrasound Ellie and her husband learned that their daughter presented many markers consistent with Trisomy 18 and she likely wouldn’t make it to term. The doctor went on to deliver the devastating news that in the unlikely event that their daughter survived birth, she would have numerous health problems that would make daily life challenging. He also added that most babies with Trisomy 18 don’t live to see their first birthday.  

Ellie and her husband were devastated. Month after month as Ellie’s belly continued to grow, so did her grief and worry.  There was so much uncertainty to navigate. But when Ellie’s water broke at 8 months, labor was in motion and there was no stopping it.

Ellie and her precious daughter, Aliyah.
Ellie and her precious daughter, Aliyah.
The Intentionality of God

Before Ellie saw her nurse’s face, she heard her name.  Pronounced exactly like her name, it caught her attention.  Ellie notes, “What an odd coincidence that the nurse had the same name as me.” 

When Ellie’s eyes met Nurse Elle’s she immediately recognized her as her boss’s daughter.  A boss who had been an encourager, a supporter, a man of integrity, and a fellow believer who had a tremendous impact on Ellie’s life.  Nurse Elle followed in her father’s footsteps, meeting Ellie and her husband in their time of need with the compassion of the Father. Ellie shares, “Nurse Elle was so gentle, respectful, and kind all her interactions with us. She held our hands and prayed over us. Her prayers were powerful, uplifting, and comforting; they helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life.” 


Join us in recognizing Nurse Elle as a 2024 Praying Through ministries Nurse of Distinction for delivering gospel hope to families in dark seasons of childhood illness, childhood hospitalizations, and/or child loss.  From Ellie’s story we see how Nurse Elle delivers gospel hope by loving like Jesus. She is present. She is gentle and comforting. She is compassionate and kind. She leans into the Father through prayers. As Nurse Elle embodies the hope of the gospel she delivers it too–shining His brilliant light into dark seasons of suffering–and that’s worth celebrating!

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