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When a Nurse Becomes Family | Nurse Appreciation Week '24

Nurse Kammie celebrates Jayden's last chemo
Nurse Kammie celebrates Jayden's last chemo.

Jayden's Journey Through Suffering

Jayden’s journey with osteosarcoma began in 2019 when he was 10 years old and in the 5th grade. What they thought was a basketball injury that wasn’t healing correctly, turned out to be cancer.

Jayden with his prosthetic
Jayden with his prosthetic.

Jayden’s life changed in an instant.  A routine x-ray led to an oncologist referral. Ten days later Jayden had endured 2 surgeries and started chemo. Three months after that, his leg was amputated. And then in another four months, a scan revealed the cancer had spread to his lungs.  For Christmas, Jayden underwent a thoracotomy and for 8 months he was cancer free.

Ashley knew right away Nurse Kammie cared deeply for her son’s well being.  Nurse Kammie always had a smile on her face.  She had a way of making kids want to fight cancer instead of giving up and the ability to make a hospital stay feel like home. Nurse Kammie often hung out in Ashley and Jayden’s room playing games and puzzles with them. Nurse Kammie quickly became like family to Ashley and Jayden during their five year battle with childhood cancer.

Nurse Kammie shaving Jayden's head
Nurse Kammie compassionately shaving Jayden's head.

In August of 2023, Jayden was put on hospice for a second time and given just 2 weeks to 6 months to live.  Ashley notes how Nurse Kammie was there on their hardest days, not shying away from the difficult conversations or shying away from being vulnerable and meeting Ashley in her grief.  “Nurse Kammie was always present, always ready to encourage, and always reassuring me that Jayden would be healed—whether here or in eternity.” 

Beyond Hospital Walls

Nurse Kammie went the extra mile for Ashley and Jayden, even visiting Jayden and Ashley’s hospital room on her days off. Despite her nerves, Nurse Kammie spoke at Jayden’s celebration of life. And now, even 4 months after his passing, Nurse Kammie gets together once a month with Ashley for pizza and puzzles. 


Join us in recognizing Nurse Kammie as a 2024 Praying Through ministries Nurse of Distinction for delivering gospel hope to families in dark seasons of childhood illness, childhood hospitalizations, and/or child loss.  From Ashley’s story we see how Nurse Kammie delivers gospel hope by loving like Jesus. She shows up. She extends compassion. She speaks Truth. She comforts. As Nurse Kammie embodies the hope of the gospel she delivers it too–shining light into dark seasons of suffering–and that’s worth celebrating!

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