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Recommended Resource: OURS

OURS: Biblical Comfort for Men Grieving Miscarriage

By: Eric Schumacher

When a woman experiences a miscarriage, her male counterpart is also impacted by the loss. Although miscarriage is rarely talked about and our society seems to expect men to be the rock of the family, men grieve miscarriage, too.

Addressing the complexities of grief through such topics as anger, confusion, coping, and moving on, in his book OURS, Eric helps to normalize difficult conversations about grief among men through vulnerability and sharing his personal experiences.

Instead of sharing his advice or opinions, as a pastor, Schumacher points his readers

to the Truth found in the Word of God, and more specifically the Gospel of Luke.

Who is this book for?

While OURS is intended for men grieving miscarriage, fathers grieving the loss of a child or infant could benefit from this devotional as well.

Though the target audience is not women, wives could also glean insight into how some men (perhaps even their husbands) process grief through reading the personal accounts Schumacher weaves into each chapter.

What we love

We love that the Lord placed OURS on Eric Schumacher’s heart and how The Good Book Company was willing to take a risk on a book that had never been done before, trusting that the Lord would use it to minister to the grieving.

We also love the theological richness of OURS. Scripture tells us the Word of God

will stand forever, and here we see how it can be a healing balm, comforting our hearts in our deepest suffering.

Eric Schumacher is a pastor, author, and songwriter. He is the author of Ours: Biblical Comfort for Men Grieving Miscarriage (The Good Book Company, 2022), the novella My Last Name (Eric Schumacher, 2021), and co-author of Worthy (Bethany House Publishers, 2020) and Jesus & Gender (Kirkdale Press, 2022) with Elyse Fitzpatrick. Eric received his MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Iowa with his wife and five children. Learn more at or follow Eric on Instagram or Twitter.

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