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Bearing the Burdens of Others: 30 Days of Praying Through Suffering | Week One

This is the first of five weekly posts in our blog series and prayer challenge, Bearing the Burdens of Others: 30 Days of Praying Through Suffering. To learn the purpose of this challenge and how to set yourself up for a prayer-filled 30 days, read our introductory post and download a PDF of the prayer calendar below.

Week One: Healing

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [healing their pain and comforting their sorrow]. Psalm 147:3 (Amplified Bible)

To jumpstart our month, we are praying for the mighty intervention of our God in the healing of our families. One of the many names of God is Jehovah Rapha, meaning the God who heals.

Dear friend, will you join us in approaching the throne of the one, true healer with boldness knowing that it is through Him that we are healed? Will you hold each of these families in prayer and ask for complete healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

We don’t know all of the details and specific needs of each family right now, but God does. Let’s stand in the gap and allow Him to step in and move within these families with the knowledge that it is His ultimate intent and in His very nature to bring us to wholeness.

Come, Jehovah Rapha, come. Amen.

Week 1 Prayer Prompts

Join us in praying for the healing of the families we serve with the following prayer prompts. For instructions on how to add them to your digital calendar and for tips on how to remain faithful in prayer for the next 30 days, read our introductory post to this blog series.

Day 1: Pray for physical healing within the womb & outside of it.

Day 2: Pray for the mental health of those enduring suffering.

Day 3: Pray for healing through service.

Day 4: Pray for the healing of broken hearts.

The Praying Through Impact

Just as the Body of Christ has many parts, Praying Through ministries is made up of a network of prayer warriors and generous donors. Three of the families we served this year share how prayers and financial donations have impacted their healing.

Pictured Left to Right: Cancer survivor and former NICU Mom, Charissa. (MI)

Cody, NICU Dad to Maple, bereaved father to Arlo. (IA)

Cassie and Nick, bereaved parents of Moxie Joy. (VA)

"When anxiety and negative thoughts were overcoming me, the prayers from the Praying Through ministries communities humbled my heart. I received an anxiety devotional that brought me back to God’s truth." -Charissa

"As we began walking through child loss, and then a long NICU stay, it seemed to be a common refrain that there isn’t a lot of support for men going through something like this. By serving with Praying Through, I’m beginning to help change that narrative. I’ve been blessed by Praying Through with prayer and a place to share, but have also been blessed by gaining a lens to see others who are going through NICU stays and to have a desire to connect with them." -Cody

“The care package I received from Praying Through ministries and the online, Christ-centered communities have helped so much in my healing. The hand-drawn picture of Jesus holding my daughter is on display where I can see it daily. “ -Cassie

Partner with Praying Through Ministries

Are you looking for a way to advance the kingdom and deliver hope to families like Charissa, Cody, and Cassie & Nick that are journeying through suffering?

We invite you to become a Praying Through Partner with your recurring, monthly donation of $10, $25, $50, or $100.

As a gift, we'll send you a calendar magnet as a reminder to stay faithful in prayer.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily prayer prompt posts.

Stay tuned for Week Two: Provision in our five-week prayer challenge and blog series, Bearing the Burdens of Others: 30 Days of Praying Through Suffering.

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