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Bearing the Burdens of Others: 30 Days of Praying Through Suffering

Bearing the Burdens of Others: 30 Days of Praying Through Suffering

A five-week prayer challenge and blog series

Prayer matters.

Prayer is powerful. It is our weapon, and our tool of communication to identify and express our needs, our longings, and the desires in the depths of our hearts.

Whether we are standing on the mountaintop or trekking through the valley, we are called to pray for one another. Galatians 6:2 instructs us to "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

Did you know this is the foundational scripture on which Praying Through ministries was built? The struggles of this life are too heavy to carry on our own. We need the intercessory prayer of our brothers and sisters in Christ to lift our heavy burdens.

The purpose of this prayer challenge is to encourage your obedience in bearing burdens through prayer. With obedience comes blessing. Not only will your participation be a powerful intervention for our families, but it can increase your own faith and dependence on God, improve your trust in Him, deepen your reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit, give you the strength to endure your own hardships, reframe suffering through the lens of an eternal Kingdom perspective, and more. There are no limits to what our God can do in us and through us.

Through these next 30 days, we invite you to fulfill this command and grow your prayer life with just a few minutes each day. Join us as we storm heaven with our petitions on behalf of our NICU/PICU and child loss families.

Keep reading to download a PDF of the prayer calendar and for details on how to set yourself up for 30 days of faithful prayer.

Set Yourself Up to be Faithful in Prayer

Create a system:

We encourage you to set yourself up for success by entering the 30 prayer prompts (see below) into your phone calendar and setting them on a daily alert. This will remind you to stop and pray at a certain time each day.

Invite accountability:

When we partner with others, we're more likely to stick with it. We invite you to partner up with your spouse, a friend, a family member, or another willing party. Plus, this will allow for conversations on how the Lord is moving in your prayer lives.

Make it a practice:

It is said once you do something 21 times it becomes a habit. Why not continue to faithfully pray individuals through suffering alongside us? Just as the Body of Christ has many parts, Praying Through ministries is made up of a network of prayer warriors and generous donors.

Should the Lord touch your hearts with the testimonials from families impacted by our ministry, we'd love for you to consider becoming a Praying Through Partner with your recurring, monthly donation of $10, $25, $50, or $100. As a gift, we'll send you a calendar magnet as a reminder to stay faithful in prayer.

30 Days of Prayer Prompts to Input into your Calendar

Day 1: Pray for physical healing within the womb & outside of it.

Day 2: Pray for the mental health of those enduring suffering.

Day 3: Pray for healing through service.

Day 4: Pray for the healing of broken hearts.

Day 5: Pray for God's financial provision to cover expenses.

Day 6: Pray for the wisdom of parents in making decisions for their child's care.

Day 7: Pray for opportunities to honor children.

Day 8: Pray for the strength of Christ to help families get through each day.

Day 9: Pray for opportunities for families to shine the Light of Christ to others.

Day 10: Pray for safe travels to and from the hospital.

Day 11: Pray for the precious gift of time with children.

Day 12: Pray for the strengthening of faith in trials.

Day 13: Pray that families would feel God moving in their story.

Day 14: Pray for a Godly perspective on suffering.

Day 15: Pray for God's sovereignty in the diagnosis.

Day 16: Pray for clarity on God's character.

Day 17: Pray for God to do the impossible.

Day 18: Pray for families to trust God's perfect will.

Day 19: Pray for bonding despite the circumstances.

Day 20: Pray for the Lord's protective hand.

Day 21: Pray for God to defy the labels and limitations that have been placed on children.

Day 22: Pray for God-appointed doctors and nurses to care for families.

Day 23: Pray for God to open doors only He can open.

Day 24: Pray for the generosity of friends and strangers.

Day 25: Pray for families to grow closer in suffering.

Day 26: Pray for fellowship and connection in suffering.

Day 27: Pray for peace in uncertainty.

Day 28: Pray for comfort, security, and stability for siblings.

Day 29: Pray for God's Word to be a source of comfort for families.

Day 30: Pray for compassionate individuals to come alongside families.

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Stay tuned for Week One: Healing in our five-week prayer challenge and blog series, Bearing the Burdens of Others: 30 Days of Praying Through Suffering.

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