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Author Interview with Nancy Tillman

Nancy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and be featured on our blog. We are so excited about using “The Spirit of Christmas” as our outreach for our second annual “Christmas in the NICU/PICU” event.

We are honored to have you here on the Praying Through blog. Would you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a proud mother of two and grandmother of four and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My goal as an author has always been to give parents words to express the deep love they feel for their children, words that will become a part of the fabric of who they are.

You’re the author of some 16 books, 5 of which are New York Times Bestsellers. And for Praying Through ministries’ Second Annual, Christmas in the NICU/PICU Book Drive, we have chosen your book, “The Spirit of Christmas” for our outreach. For those who aren’t familiar with this title, would you give a brief overview of what it is about and who it's geared toward?

The Spirit of Christmas celebrates all the wonderful things that bring us joy during the holidays…but as one page of the book says, “Because it took nothing but love to begin it, it’s really not Christmas if love isn’t in it.”

The greatest joy is in spending time with our loved ones. That’s the message of the book, and it’s for everyone, of all ages. One of my readers gave it to all the adult members of her family at her family reunion!

What was the inspiration behind the book? Why did you write it?

I wrote the book to help share the peace and joy in the magical Christmas season, but also so that I could emphasize and illustrate the point that it’s meant to be all about love. What a glorious thing.

“Your tree may be large as the room will allow with a big yellow star on the uppermost bough, but of one thing I’m certain. I’m sure of one thing. It is love that makes the angels sing."

As you know, our ministry serves families journeying through the NICU, PICU, and Child Loss with Biblical Truth and encouragement. Even though your book doesn’t contain Bible verses, how might it bless and encourage those walking through the difficult season of an extended hospital stay at Christmastime?

Anytime a parent speaks words of love to his or her child, it is a beautiful bonding time for both of them.

As my book states, “And so then, my darling, wherever you roam, may you always be safe…

may you always come home.

For as long as the world still spins and still hums, wherever you are, and no matter what comes, the best part of Christmas will always be…you beneath my Christmas tree.”

What words of encouragement would you like to share with families who might be separated from loved ones at Christmastime?

I hope the book helps these children feel the deep, profound love their parents have for them. And helps them dream of all the wonderful times they will share ahead.

Where can readers connect with you? Where can they get a copy of your book?

My books are available online and in bookstores everywhere, and readers can email me

through my website I love hearing from my readers!

Nancy Tillman is an American author and illustrator of children's books. Her goal has always been to give parents words to say what they feel about their children.

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