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Christmas in the NICU/PICU

In 2019, Praying Through ministries founder, Jessika Sanders and her husband found themselves in the NICU with their son. While their halls were decked at home, in their hospital room they had nothing but a few articles of clothes, deodorant and a Bible. Their hearts were heavy and completely overwhelmed by their circumstances. They felt like the rest of the world was celebrating while they were grieving. Then the kindness of a stranger entered their room and a simple gift not only changed their whole day, but their lives too.

Praying Through ministries invites you to join our 2nd Annual, Christmas in the NICU/PICU Book Drive. We invite you to be the kindness of a stranger and deliver hope to families in the NICU and PICU this Christmas. We believe the small investment of $7.99 to purchase bestselling author Nancy Tillman's "The Spirit of Christmas" can deliver the hope of Christ into a very difficult, dark season. 


Our goal is to collect and distribute 771 books for members of our online community and local NICUs and PICUs in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, California, Indiana, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma and Iowa.                                                       

To read more about this year's event visit our blog. For more on last year's inaugural event, click here to read or here to view photos.

Our Christmas in the NICU/PICU Book Drive efforts for 2022 have concluded.  

Our organized outreach drop-offs will be happening the week before Christmas, so stay tuned for photos.

Bummed you missed the opportunity to be involved?

Make a cash donation to fund the purchase of additional books so we can meet our goal.

Participate in Christmas in the NICU/PICU 2022

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