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Praying Through ministries is a nonprofit 501c3 that exists to deliver the hope of the gospel to families navigating the dark seasons of childhood illness, childhood hospitalizations, and/or child loss through tangible faith-based resources, ongoing support, and fervent prayer.


Biblical Items of Encouragement


Families Served


Care Packages Sent


Years of Experience

Steve & Sarah Glover, Founding Pastors of Deep Creek Community Church (FL)

"Pastoring requires many hats and one of those is walking with families through heartbreaking loss and illness. When you add the loss or illness of a child, it's even more devastating. Praying Through ministries is a Biblical ministry partner that shows up with vital resources and encouragement to help families journey through the valley of the shadow of death with empathy and kindness. Our church families have been blessed by the ongoing attention they receive from Praying Through and many now volunteer their time to help others who are walking a similar experience. It's a beautiful thing to watch."



We walk alongside families for years.

 We walk with families through the childhood hospitalization, the discharge, the transition home, and also through  navigating a diagnosis, therapies, and doctor appointment.


We walk with families through the grief of child loss, supporting them as milestones come and go.


We offer ongoing support through our:


Women's Praying Through FB groups,

1:1 Peer Support program,

virtual Grief Support small group,

weekly email newsletter,

and podcast releasing in Summer 2024. 



Equipped with volunteers, we have three intercessory prayer teams that receive and intentionally pray over the specific prayer requests of families navigating the NICU, childhood illness/hospitalizations,

and child loss.


We have a faithful social media following that also prays over requests shared on our Instagram and Facebook platforms. 

A team of Praying Through volunteers lead in-person Prayer Circles at over 5 hospitals around the USA. 



We deliver the hope of the gospel to men, women, and children through tangible, faith-based resources. 

Our outreach includes care packages of handwritten notes, reading materials, stickers and postcards, and ministry-created resources. Families receive 2-5+ care packages as we walk with them through dark seasons of childhood illness, childhood hospitalizations,

and/or child loss. 


Praying through the NICU

& childhood hospitalizations

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Praying through CHILD LOSS

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