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Special Mentions

We have been blessed to read so many wonderful resources that would benefit families journeying through Childhood Illness, Hospitalizations, and Child Loss. While the following titles are not used for our outreach, they are faith-based resources you may wish to consider. See our personalized reviews below and click the image for purchasing options.

By Katie Faris

Encouraging readers by pulling from personal stories of her hardest days and holding them up to Biblical Truths, Katie highlights how God was enough then and how He will continue to be enough for us today, too.

Target Audience:  Childhood Illness, Hospitalizations,  Child Loss

He will be enough_edited.jpg
strong faith book.jpg

By Jamie C. Johnson

With 16 memoir-centered daily entries and 15 reflective and journaling opportunities, "Strong Faith" is easy to read and a very doable encouragement for someone thick in the trauma of the NICU.

Target Audience:  NICU

By Melissa Kirsch

With soft watercolor illustrations and written with words of faith, this book is a beautifully tender love letter to a NICU baby. The final pages allow for you to record a few special details and pen your own letter.

Target Audience:  NICU

little love book.jpg
nicu journey book.png

By Sarah Immonen Ward

Although this is one family's NICU journey, elements of this beautifully illustrated, rhyming story are sure to resonate with NICU families. The book includes space for readers to add details about their own NICU journey.

Target Audience: NICU

By Ellie Sanazaro

Based on the Truth of Genesis 1:27, Image Bearer speaks life over children and adults alike. All of God's children, including those who are deemed "different", are fearfully and wonderfully made by The Creator. The illustrations are based on real kids and each has a bio in the back of the book.

Target Audience:  NICU, PICU

image bearer_edited.jpg

By Natasha Carlow

Happy Tears & Rainbow Babies is a beautifully tender story that lends itself as a teaching tool for explaining how all children are a gift from God. Delicately and rooted in God's Truth, the parents in this story explain to their children how they have siblings who live in Heaven.

Target Audience: Child Loss

rainbow babies book.png
special mentions heaven_edited.jpg

By Richard R. Eng

In this children’s book, Eng creates relevant metaphors for today that help children to gain perspective into what Heaven must be like. These metaphors stay with you, giving you a spirit-filled joy of what is to come.

Target Audience: Child Loss

By Brianne Edwards

Part memoir, part grief guide,  Brianne Edwards becomes a trusted friend on the journey through the grief of child loss. Those looking to support grieving families will gain invaluable insight while grieving parents will feel seen and understood.

Target Audience: Child Loss

a thousand pounds_edited.jpg
courageously expecting book.jpg

By Jenny Albers

With honesty and relatability, Jenny shares her regrets, gently offering her hindsight for our benefit. Every turn of the page reminds us our hope is found in Him--even in the fear of courageously expecting after pregnancy loss.

Target Audience: Child Loss

By Liz Newman

A non-intimidating read with words beautifully placed on a white page, men and women alike will find ease in picking this book up in the pockets of their day. Liz's authenticity and vulnerability break down walls, creating a safe place where readers can process their own grief and dip their toes into the journaling component.

Target Audience: Child Loss

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