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The Importance of Family

By: Eda, age 9


I never expected this to happen. I never expected my baby brother to be in a hospital for 37 days. All I expected was that I was going to be a double big sister when I met my new baby brother in two days. I thought everything would be fine and dandy. Nope. Somehow, someway, Ezra ended up in a hospital. Sick.


With Ezra sick in the hospital, it also meant missing Christmas. But presents didn’t seem to matter as much anymore. A part of me still wanted presents, but the best present would be to have my family back together again–not scattered two hours away in a St. Petersburg hospital. I wasn't ready for my family to be scattered. I had no idea that could even happen. But it can. And it did.


Every night when I went to bed at my grandmother's house, I would cry. I missed my parents and my new sick baby brother. Even though I got to stay up later and eat a lot of extra sweet treats, I would have traded all that to have my family back in an instant. I love them more than anything. When we got to visit my mom and bonus dad at the Ronald McDonald House for my birthday and Christmas, my sister and I stuck to our mother like glue. We chatted, we hugged, everything we missed doing together. I didn't want to leave. I wanted them to come with us. I missed them so much.

Sweet Blessings

I didn't think I could last much longer being separated. But because God was with me, I lasted. I might have kept crying at night, maybe harder than ever before when we came back after our visit, but God was with me. He helped me up. When my parents and my brother finally came home, God helped me feel so much gratitude. Whether they may be big or small, God blesses us with many things each day. Getting my family back was a huge blessing. Getting to eat breakfast with them all at the table, something I had taken for granted, was even a blessing.

NICU sibling, you may be experiencing something similar right now. James 1:17 says “Every good and perfect thing is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights.” Your family is your good and perfect gift. Your family is your rainbow peeking out of the rain clouds. And your family is something to be grateful for always.

Eda is a 9-year-old book nerd and part of a blended family consisting of her mom, dad, bonus dad, and two younger siblings Esma (5) and NICU/PICU Grad Ezra (2). She loves reading, drawing, and writing book reviews. Her mom is the founder and president of Praying Through ministries and from time to time Eda participates in the details and delivery of local outreach. You can follow her on Instagram at @Edathebooknerd.

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