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Recommended Resource: Psalm 23 - Baby Believer

Updated: Apr 18

Jesus Heals: An Anatomy Primer, Baby Believer Series

Psalm 23: A Colors Primer (Baby Believer ®️)

By: Danielle Hitchen and Jessica Blanchard

Danielle Hitchen and Jessica Blanchard have created something so special with the Baby Believer series.

Psalm 23 is the ninth book in the Catechesis Books series that helps parents teach their children basic Christian theology.

Baby Believer: Psalm 23 is a beautifully illustrated board book designed to introduce colors through the entirety of the psalm.

Who it is for

While this book is designed for babies and toddlers, it is sure to minister to the ones reading it aloud. This Psalm 23 resource brings peace and comfort to children and adults walking through seasons of uncertainty often found in the NICU, childhood illness, and or childhood hospitalizations. It also brings peace and comfort to those journeying through dark seasons of grief.

What we love

The words of Psalm 23 have been a comfort to people around the world for generations. What we love about Baby Believer: Psalm 23 resource is how the timeless word of God has been illustrated in such a captivating way. With one color on each page, the monochromatic hues are simple yet rich.

We also love how babies and children alike can have God’s word spoken over their lives. We believe that with time, Baby Believer: Psalm 23 will write God’s word on the hearts of readers. The illustrations also allow for the images to be etched on hearts too, adding a level of depth and understanding of God’s Word, His character, and His promises.

Baby Believer: Psalm 23 is a true treasure.

Purchase a copy of Baby Believer: Psalm 23 here.

Donate one or more copies of this book from our Amazon Wish List so we can use them in our care packages.

Danielle Hitchen founded Catechesis Books in 2016 in order to build out a collection of biblical and theological resources for little ones. She desires to create beautiful books to help parents have better faith conversations with their children. She is the mom of three sweet kids. Her children are her primary inspiration for writing and publishing the Baby Believer Primer series. You can connect with Danielle at and on Instagram and Facebook.

Jessica Blanchard is a graphic designer and children's book illustrator. She has illustrated books for the Baby Believer series, including "First Bible Basics, A Counting Primer," and "Psalms of Praise, A Movement Primer," with more books in the series coming soon.

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