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Praying Like a Child

By: Sarah Baldwin

As we journeyed through the NICU, I found my prayers reverting back to those of a child–simple and repetitive in nature. “Lord, protect my son. Heal my son.” In Mark 10:14b Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God” (KJV). In this portion of scripture, Jesus reveals the importance of our children knowing God and praying to Him. In the uncertainty of our NICU experience, I knew that God wanted me to pray to Him, regardless of the eloquence of my words.

As my son grows in the Lord, he will learn how to pray in the manner set forth in Matthew 6, first by acknowledging God and His goodness, and then bringing his needs to the Lord. But for now, his prayers are the best he can do in his current circumstances. While in the NICU, I learned that my prayer life evolved as my earthly life changed, and that doing my best then, regardless of what it sounded like, was exactly what God wanted from me.

Friend, may you be comforted knowing God hears your every thought and He knows your every need, even before you know them. Bring your needs to Him, even if your words don’t quite sound right. He knows, understands, and is with you always.

Sarah is a mom to a wonderful four-year-old who spent the beginning of his life in the NICU. She finds fullness of joy whenever she is spending time with her family and God. Sarah serves on the Praying Through ministries NICU Prayer Team.

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