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Dear NICU Sibling

By: Eda, age 9

Dear NICU sibling,

I want you to know something that I got partly right when my brother was in the NICU: It's okay to cry. I would only cry during the night because I was afraid I'd make my grandmother worry more than she was already. But now two years later, there are still moments when I feel the urge to cry.

The topic of crying has been brought up a couple of times by my parents. They comfort me and tell me it's okay to let the tears fall. My mom reminds me of Psalm 34:18: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” This reminds me that it's normal to cry and that we don't have to be ashamed. God knows how we feel. Jesus has experienced sadness too! Who better to comfort us than the Comforter Himself.

So my advice is this: whenever you feel your eyes burning and starting to get a little wet, morning, night, or day– find a quiet place, get your favorite stuffie, and let those tears flow. You don't have to hold it all in!

With the love of a fellow NICU sibling,


Eda is a 9-year-old book nerd and part of a blended family consisting of her mom, dad, bonus dad, and two younger siblings Esma (5) and NICU/PICU Grad Ezra (2). She loves reading, drawing, and writing book reviews. Her mom is the founder and president of Praying Through ministries and from time to time Eda participates in the details and delivery of local outreach. You can follow her on Instagram at @Edathebooknerd.

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