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A Prayer for Couples Walking Through Suffering

By: Becca Hanke

Gracious Father,

We come to you with thankful, but weary hearts.

We Pray For Our Spouses

First, we pray for our spouses. You created them uniquely in their mother’s womb. You know every hair on their head and every hurt and affliction they have. You love them infinitely more than we know.

So we ask that you soften their hearts, crumble their walls, and move mightily in their lives. Let those around them be Godly examples, always bringing you glory.

We pray for protection over them from the enemy who moves to keep them unaware of your truth.

We Pray For Ourselves

We pray now for ourselves.

We pray that you soften our hearts. Soften them to love our spouses in their unbelief.

We pray that you will write scripture on our hearts so we stand in your truth, even when our spouses won’t.

We ask that you will stand behind us and hold us up when we feel alone and weary.

We ask that you show us how to love our spouses well. Please help us to parent with them and thrive in our marriages.

We pray that as we live out our faith in imperfect and raw ways, that you will use those moments to speak to our spouse.

We Pray For Protection

Lastly, we pray for protection for ourselves.

Please protect us from the enemy who wants to interfere in our marriages and wants us to believe that our relationship is impossible.

With you Lord, we know nothing is impossible.

We thank you for your constant love when we feel alone. We thank you that no matter how we fall and fail, nothing can keep us from your love.

In your Son's holy name,


Becca is a wife and a mother to a 33-weeker who is now 18 months old and growing! She is a lover of Jesus, tacos, sweet tea and hiking. Becca also serves on the Praying Through ministries NICU Prayer Team.

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