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Frontlines Ambassador:

Sharing the hope of Christ

Nurses are on the frontlines. The families they serve are often in the trenches of suffering and nurses not only provide for their physical needs, but a chosen group, an anointed and appointed group, can also provide spiritual support too.


We’re inviting nurses to play an active role in the stories of others on an even larger scale. By partnering with us*, nurses willl be connecting families to:

  • Online, Christ-centered support communities for those navigating Childhood Illness, Hospitalizations, and Child Loss.

  • Outreach care packages with resources of Biblical support and encouragement

  • Constant, specific prayer over families and their circumstances

  • Virtual Bible Study opportunities for families in similar seasons

  • Biblical encouragement through our Praying Through Blog and upcoming Praying Through Podcast


*Partnering with us is as simple as being a conduit of hope. Per the leading of the Holy Spirit, you can share our provided prayer cards with families who might be blessed by the faith-based support we provide. (Our prayer cards consist of a prayer  for parents on one side and on the other side information that points them to our ministry, our mission, and our website.)


As nurses partner with us, they will receive Praying Through encouragement in the form of:

  • A set of 7 prayer cards to pray over their shift

  • A special magnet of encouragement for their locker

  • Quarterly encouragement 

  • An invitation to join our coed Praying Through ministries community

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The Frontlines Impact

When we journeyed through the NICU and PICU we were blessed by some bold and faithful Christians the Lord placed in our path. Whether it was for a day or for thirty, these nurses were an incredible blessing to us. They provided fellowship. They calmed our fears. They encouraged our faith. They prayed for us. Years later, we remain in touch with some of these nurses. Others we think of fondly and thank the Lord for His sovereignty in connecting us with them.

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Nominate a Nurse 

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Is there a nurse who was monumental in your journey through Childhood Illness, Hospitalizations, or Child Loss? 

Copy the image to the left and send it to him/her via a private message. In your message include:

  • the impact he/she made on your life

  • how Praying Through ministries has blessed you on your journey through suffering

  • the potential impact he/she could have on families through Praying Through ministries

  • our site for them to check out

Frontlines Ambassador

Apply to become a Praying Through Frontlines Ambassador

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us!

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