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Recommended Resource: Never Alone

Never Alone: Walking With God Through Depression

By: The Daily Grace Co

Never Alone is a 4-week study by The Daily Grace Co. It explores depression through a sound biblical lens. This study brings beloved characters of the Bible to life in their humanness and their own struggles with depression in this fallen world.

It brings new perspectives to depression and explores different causes of depression while looking at the lives of Elijah, Hannah, Naomi, Job, King David, Jeremiah, and Jesus himself. Never Alone offers insights into God’s character, hope, comfort, presence, healing, and ultimate restoration through the depths of depression.

Never Alone is a great study for families walking through the NICU, PICU, and Child Loss. Whether you fit the criteria for depression now or have in the past, chances are you know someone who is struggling with depression. This study will help you to uncover new truths of who Jesus is and identify in new ways with each of these heroes of faith.

This study is so convenient as it can be accessed through the book or even on the go through your phone app. It can be completed in just 5 minutes per day, or you can dedicate more time to meditate and reflect if you so choose.

Journeying through the NICU, PICU, and child loss can be seasons of desolation, hopelessness, anguish, and confusion, and Never Alone lends incredible comfort, peace, and understanding to those in the pits of despair.

What we love

We love the layout of this study. Because it is so beautifully designed, readers may be reluctant to write and highlight in it. Never Alone is so well organized and offers thought-provoking reflection questions and weekly memory verses.

As a psychotherapist and someone who has personal experience with depression, I am always leery of biblical resources tackling mental health issues as, unfortunately in my experience, a lot of them misinterpret mental health and lend unbiblical advice. This is in no way the case with Never Alone. And I can say I wholeheartedly recommend this study and appreciate the integrity lent to both Scripture and the experience of depression. The delicate balance given to this very complex and difficult topic through the perspective of unshakeable biblical truth is done so beautifully and orchestrated with finesse. I am so glad to have found this study as it is truly refreshing to the soul.

To purchase your copy of Never Alone, visit the Daily Grace Co through our affiliate link. A portion of your purchase comes back to our ministry.

Chelsea is mama to two beautiful daughters, one born at 29+0 weeks who had a 61-day NICU stay. She resides in Orange County, CA with her husband where they run their therapy practice. They are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists specializing in couples therapy, the transition to parenthood, maternal mental health, and men’s issues. Chelsea is also a member of the Praying Through ministries Board.

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