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Recommended Resource: He Will Be Enough

Updated: Apr 18

He Will Be Enough by Katie Faris

He Will Be Enough: How God Takes You by the Hand through Your Hardest Days

By: Katie Faris

In He Will Be Enough, Katie Faris encourages readers by pulling from personal stories of her hardest days and holding them up to Biblical Truths. While most stories center around the uncertainty that comes with medically-complex children, Faris also references other hard times, including her coming to faith, depression, and miscarriage. Through the explanation of 20 Bible stories, Katie highlights how God was enough then and how He will continue to be enough for us today, too. Katie Faris is a gifted Bible teacher with a talent for taking familiar Bible stories and revealing something in them that speaks to the hearts of those walking through trials and suffering.

Who it is for

Regardless of the type of hardship, He Will Be Enough is a resource that ministers to men and women journeying through suffering by pointing them to the faithfulness of God. Though our circumstances may change, the Word of the Lord stands forever. In Katie’s book, we see the timelessness and relevancy of God’s Word, especially during our hardest days.

What we love

In the throes of suffering, we often don’t have the mental capacity for prolonged attention and focus. With each chapter under 10 pages, He Will Be Enough is a resource that can be read in small chunks as you have time. With exploration questions at the end of each chapter, readers are encouraged to meditate and reflect. Readers are likely to find Faris’ book like a guide, highlighting and underlining sentences of faith-filled encouragement.

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Author Katie Faris

He Will Be Enough: How God Takes You by the Hand through Your Hardest Days can be purchased through the publisher, The Good Book company or through Amazon. For more encouragement, follow Katie Faris on Facebook or Instagram.


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