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Recommended Resource: Faith Questions

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Faith Questions: Suffering

By: The Daily Grace Co

Though Faith Questions: Suffering is small in size with just 50 pages, the booklet is heavy on content. Beautifully written with sophistication and theological soundness, but not so much that it goes over the heads of its readers, Faith Questions: Suffering addresses non-Christian and Christian worldviews on suffering. With topics such as: The Purpose of Suffering, False Hope, Victory and Comfort in Christ, and How to Suffer Well, this booklet is comprehensive in nature.

While Faith Questions: Suffering will minister to families journeying through the NICU and PICU, it seems especially suited to speak to the hearts of those journeying through child loss.

What we love about this booklet is its succinctness. In times of suffering so often our minds are unable to focus and process–but these short chapters, rich in Truth–have the potential to minister to hurting hearts searching for answers. It is possible that one of the powerfully-written sentences could be exactly what the reader needs in this season of suffering.

To purchase your copy of Faith Questions: Suffering, visit the Daily Grace Co through our affiliate link. A portion of your purchase comes back to our ministry.


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