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Equipping and emboldening men, women, and children with Biblical support and encouragement as they journey through the difficult season of
Child Loss.


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Given the complexities of child loss, our group structure is a unique one. Through our safe space and with vulnerability and authenticity, bereaved mothers and fathers express very raw emotions. Our compassionate Prayer Team meets parents where they are while simultaneously leading them back to Biblical truth.


The group also serves as a resource for bereaved parents equipping them with tools and truth for navigating loss.


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Because the grief of child loss is lifelong and the struggles can be all-encompassing, our group has its foundations in prayer and Biblical truth. Our Prayer Team prays over the collective group, as well as prays specifically for individuals based on their needs and group contributions.


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We provide Biblical support and encouragement to men, women, and children. 

Our outreach includes care packages of reading materials and or apparel, online events, and ministry-created resources.



"This group was a constant, solid reminder of whose daughter I am! When the going got hard, my prayer sister showed up! Prayers overflowed in a way that uplifted us as a family!

NICU Mama of Oliver Hezekiah

Shirley V.

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Praying through CHILD LOSS

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Praying through CHILD LOSS